Morte nei Boschi

Morte nei boschi

Judges’ Special Award – Carver Award 2011


In the pouring rain, a wanderer with ash-blonde hair, rumpled clothing and tired eyes, finds refuge in a roadside inn. He is welcomed by a complacent woman with stubby hands burdened with crazy gold rings. The lugubrious howl of a wolf triggers Stefan’s memories, this is the name of the man, who begins to tell a mysterious story. During the reign of Louis XV, in the Gévaudan region in France, a monstrous creature wandered through the woods and meadows attacking women and children who took the cows to the mountain pastures. There was talk of a bloodthirsty animal, a demon out of hell or even a divine scourge that the pastors of the mountain parishes had already threatened for some time, but no one ever really knew who or what it was.

Authors: Costanza Savini, Giorgio Celli
Publisher: Ugo Mursia
Year of publication:
Audiobook version: Libroparlato
Purchasable on: IBS
Adults – Historical fiction


Il romanzo Morte nei boschi di Giorgio Celli e Costanza Savini narra le vicende di una storia che è divenuta leggenda, un racconto che si è tramandato di generazione in generazione, che cela in parte realtà e mistero, verità e menzogne. Continua su Recensionelibro.it.

Da bambino, Nonno Goriot aveva sentito raccontare la misteriosa storia della bestia del Gevaudan che per molti anni aveva terrorizzato la popolazione sbranando donne e bambini. Continua su Chronicalibri.it

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